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Posted: August 5, 2014

Primary Election Night Results

Congratulations to all of our outstanding Republican Nominees for the November General Elction. The Sedgwick County Republican Party is gearing up to support our wonderful Republican Slate. We will be asking for your help to make sure that these great leaders are elected on November 4th. Check back soon for a full listing of the Republican Candidates for the General Election, as well as information on how you can help.

To view the results of the Sedgwick County Primary Elections, Click Here.

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Posted: December 30, 2013

2014 GOP Convention Logo

2014 Kansas GOP Convention in Wichita January 24-25

Sedgwick County is excited to host the 2014 Kansas GOP Convention at the Hyatt Convention Center in Wichita on January 24th and 25th. Speakers include Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, and Congressman Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Registration and Tickets to Convention events can be purchased HERE.
Please join us at the Sedgwick County GOP reception on Friday evening, January 24 from 5-7pm.

Posted: August 21, 2013

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended our fundraiser with Senator Pat Roberts on August 18. A special thanks to our Event Sponsors: Kelly Arnold, Bob and Martha Buford, Bob and Rosie Dool, The Hon. Ron and Mrs Susan Estes, Craig Harms, Bruce Harris, Jim Lee, Pat and Robyn Johnson, Todd Johnson, Carl Maughan, Congressman Mike and Mrs Susan Pompeo and The Hon Susan Wagle.

Preparations for 2014 continue as we recruit candidates and fundraise to help Republicans win! You can contribute here!

Posted: July 22, 2013

Annual Fundraising Event

Click Here to purchase tickets!

Sunday August 18, 2013
Benton Airport

You can help make sure we have the funds to train and elect solid conservative leaders in Sedgwick County. Join us Sunday August 18, 2013 for BBQ and a silent auction with special guest Senator Pat Roberts. We'll be in an air conditioned hangar, so don't worry about the heat!

General admission $25. Sponsorship levels are available, including photo opportunity.

Posted: November 7, 2012

Historic Kansas Republican Election Victory

Last night, the people of Kansas elected the largest number of Republican legislators in modern Kansas political history (since the adoption of one-man, one-vote districts in the last 1960s).

In the House, 92 Republicans were elected, equaling the "Clean Sweep" numbers of 2010 (some recounts pending). In the Senate, 32 Republicans were elected, exceeded the 31 elected in 2008.

The Kansas Democratic Party threw absolutely everything it had into target legislative races---with a victorious President, many experienced candidates, virtually all of their remaining treasury and a ruthlessly negative campaign even they had to apologize for [incidentally, the targets of their apology---Goodman and Scapa---lost].

This effort came on the heels of the historic Republican win of 2010, fierce Republican primary elections, and an extraordinarily aggressive legislative agenda - and it occurred in a cycle which saw the most abrupt and significant redrawing of Kansas legislative boundaries in history.

We have never ELECTED so many Republicans to the Legislature in one year.

Referendum on the Republican Agenda

The Democratic Party wanted to make this election a referendum on Governor Brownback's agenda and the Republican direction for Kansas -- and it was.

More important than the numbers elected, was that the result of this election demonstrates that Kansans have clearly re-affirmed their confidence in Republican Leadership.

Moving Forward

Now, as we consolidate our dozens of new members and deliver on our commitment to smaller smarter government devoted to delivering basic services efficiently and effectively, and nurturing economic growth, we also look forward to the opportunities in the 2014 Election---the second Obama midterm, which is usually even tougher on a President's party than the first.

We will continue to build on our historic electoral successes, achievements in voter registration, and in party organization.

We will give Kansans the good government they deserve and continue our historic partnership with them to achieve unprecedented prosperity for Kansas and the Republican Party---the party of Kansas.

In 2014 we hope and expect to elect more Republicans to the Legislature than ever before...again...